Basic models

ROWAN, Model Bright


This model is powerful and clear sounding pick. Rowan as a wood material has these qualities in itself but this particular model is made with long finishing methods that will increase the brightness even more. The most important thing is still warmness that separates these wooden picks from plastic ones. In Finnish folklore rowan is mentioned as a sacred tree that protected its owner from evil magic. And it truly has spicy attitude as a pick too. Works well in any playing situation but has nice attitude in soloing

Rowan played with nylon guitar

CURLY BIRCH, model natural


Curly birch is lovely combination of sweetness and surprise. It has the absolute balanced sound. It’s very warm, round, strong, little crispy in the high-end and precise. In finishing I have used methods that will give protection and great looks but leave the most natural qualities of this beautiful wood. Curly birch is highly valued material in numerous uses in Finnish woodworking and I’m not surprised how great it is as a guitar pick. Every pick is unique by it looks from each side. Really joy to watch and play every imaginable style.

Curly birch played with nylon guitar