Special Models

Special Models are variety of carefully handmade picks made of special, sometimes even rare materials and innovative design.

Oak & wood from 70 year old house

Oak used in these picks is very dry and old wood. In addition of its dignified beaty it gives very warm velvety sound. It must be the most skin-like tone I have come across.

In the above picture’s pick has also beautiful inlay of wood that has been as a outer wall of house built in the 50’s. It might be pine but its qualities has changed a lot in those years taking sun, rain and snow on its surface.

Oak & apple

Apple used in these picks is also very dry and old. It’s one of the hardest wood I use in my pick models but same time warm sounding. It gives precice articulation, brightness and warmness to your playing.

Oak & teak

Teak in upper picture is first non-Finnish wood material I have used. I got it from shipyard where it has been used in some kind of construction of ships. Maybe in furniture. Here it’s giving grip to the oak pick.

Apple with oak inlay and slots for grip

Curly birch with grip slots
Apple and teak
Super comfortable curly birch with spoon-like hollow for thumb.
Different special models

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